Publishing 101: Who’s Who


For illustrators new to publishing, I briefly cover the  roles of editors, art directors, literary agents and art reps. See that post on my group blog;



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  1. Hypothetically speaking I wndoer how the relationship between the agent and the author can/will adapt to more e-publishing. As it is now, I think the assumption is that the authors will charge forward on their own, but I do think agents could provide a new and very critical role in this area. For example, agents could help authors find free-lance editors and graphic artists, as well as navigate the various e-book formats. Of course in this case, the contract between author and agent would change (i.e. 60/40 instead of the typical 15% for the agent). But I also wndoer how that will impact the relationship between agents and publishing houses. I am curious to know how much agents are willing to enter this new world with their clients, without working with the publishing houses directly.

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