BookPage Illustrated Interview

BookPage featured me in their April edition of “Meet The Illustrator”, with this super fun illustrated interview.

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  1. Hi Eliza
    First can I say that you have a beautiful, beautiful blog (Book-Lite is amazing!).
    I discovered your work through the Publisher’s Weekly Children’s Bookshelf this morning and I’m a bit of a plant nut so I will have to track down a copy of Miss Maple’s Seeds :-)
    If you are still looking for a quick soft bread recipe (I’m sure you have been inundated by now) check out Nigella Lawson’s Potato Bread recipe in her “How To Be A Domestic Goddess” cookbook. It’s a standard in our house.

  2. Jenny, Sadie, and Cecelia

    Dear Eliza,

    We checked out your book, Miss Maple’s Seeds at our library and we are in love with Miss Maple. Sadie is 5 and Cecelia is 3. After we read your book we went outside and collected seeds. We still have more to find. Sadie tucks her seeds into bed every night just like Miss Maple. She even wants to have a Miss Maple birthday party.

    Sadie: i will like my book i am going to tell you my seeds i have pumpkin, bean, maple, pine, acorn, apple. 5 sadie

    Cecelia: I love Miss Maple. I want to read it every night.

    Jenny: Thank you for writing such a beautiful story. This book will be in our family for years to come. Books like these inspire kids!

    Have a great holiday!


    Jenny, Sadie and Cecelia

    • To Jenny, Sadie, and Cecelia,
      Thank you so much for sending the messages from all of you, I love them! It makes me so happy to hear how much you have loved Miss Maple, and that her story has become a special part of your family.
      And if you end up having a Miss Maple birthday party, please do send me pictures! I love it.
      I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with all the grand and delicious foods that come from even the smallest of seeds. :)
      Many, many thanks,

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