Miss Maple’s Seeds: Activity Sheets

Here are some fun coloring sheets I’ve created for kids! Parents and teachers; feel free to download, print, and use at home and at school.



Fill in the house!

Fill in the house!

Coloring Page

Coloring Page

Draw her garden!

Draw her garden!

Seed Facts

Seed Facts










  1. Wow, these are so fun! I will be using these with my kids for sure. My very favorite is that adorable squirrel collecting nuts!

  2. Eliza, this is awesome. The girls are taking them to school today!

  3. Hi,
    I am a Japanese mother of a 8-year-old girl living in Vancouver, Canada. We just discover Miss Maple’s Seed when we walked in a local kid’s bookstore this morning. My daughter, Sara, just fell in love with your book. She has been into sprouting some vegetable seeds she finds in our kitchen for some time, and she is really fascinated by all the loving treatments which the little seeds receive from Miss Maple.

    My mother has a very small but well-maintained flower garden in her home in Tokyo, and Sara loves to follow around her grandmother when we visit Japan every summer. I know I will cherish the moments when Sara shares this book with her this summer.

    Then I was wondering, have you considered having the book translated into Japanese? If you haven’t can I translate it? I happened to be a full-time translator for the past 16 years. I also teach translation course here in Vancouver. My LinkedIn profile URL is posted for your reference. I am also considering to write a letter to the publisher, too.

    I hate to sound like a sales pitch, so please ignore the latter portion of my posting if you are not interested. The bottom line is we are very happy to come across your book. We would love to read more works from you!


    • Hi Naoko – thank you so much for writing to let me know that you and your daughter love Miss Maple’s Seeds! It’s really neat to hear that Sara has found a love of seeds and gardening; it sounds like she is a little Miss Maple in the making!

      As for your question about the book being translated in Japanese, that’s a decision that would fall to the publisher, but I will certainly pass on the request, and you should feel free to write them about it too!

      Best wishes, and thank you for buying the book!

  4. This is a perfect end of the year book for teachers as our little seeds are ready to leave our care and sprout! Love it!

  5. Thank you so much, Eliza! Just discovered this delightful book and shared this resource with our online Charlotte Mason and home education communities. Many of us are following Lynn Seddon’s Exploring Nature with Children Curriculum and the book and these sheets are a fantastic accompaniment to that. Again, thank you!

  6. Thank you for making these available! I’m mailing your gorgeous book as a gift and I’m including some of these pages for the recipient and she will love them! Your book is one of those picture books that is classic and enduring. Our family loves it!!

    • Hi Kristi,
      This is wonderful to hear, thank you for taking the time to tell me so! I think it’s a fun idea to gift these coloring pages along with a copy of the book. Cool! Best wishes.

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