Miss Maple Art by Mary Lundquist

Illustrator friend Mary Lundquist came to my book launch party on April 7th, and brought this gift of adorable art:

Art by Mary Lundquist www.marylundquist.com


It kills me! That’s me, and I’m sitting on an acorn, drawing, in a tree studio!! I LOVE it.

Mary and I met at last year’s SCBWI LA conference, and her portfolio was incredible. I was super excited when she won a Portfolio award, and even more excited when I heard she got representation with agent superstar Steven Malk, and now has multiple book projects in the works. As you can see, she deserves it.
I was so touched that she made the trip out for my book party, and created this super sweet illustration for me. Thank you Mary!

Check her art out: www.marylundquist.com

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