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"Behind the book"

My husband and I created this behind-the-scenes video detailing my process writing and illustrating Home in the Woods.


Eliza Wheeler is an illustrator and author of books for kids, teens, and the young at heart. Her book Miss Maple’s Seeds was a NYT bestseller, and her book Home in the Woods was dubbed “Gorgeous” by the New York Times book review. Eliza is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Inspired by: KiahKiean

June 30, 2011

There are some artists that I come across that make me want to drop everything, grab my sketchbook and go. This is one of them. ~Eliza KiahKiean » Blog Archive » 植物園路印度廟 Sri Meenakshi Sundaraeswarar Temple, Waterfall Road. KiahKiean » Blog Archive » 檳城市議廳 Penang Town Hall.  

Summer Birthday

June 27, 2011

In celebration of my niece’s birthday this past weekend I created a coloring sheet illustration of her and her little sister having a party in the treetops. Happy 7th Birthday Maddelyn!

Lighting Studies

June 2, 2011

When creating a new illustration where lighting is key, try building a simple 3D model to photograph as a helpful reference. As you’ll see in my examples below, it can be a very crude model made with whatever materials you have handy. I started trying to sketch the figure as a series of basic shapes. Realizing it would be more helpful to see the figure in 3D, I used modeling clay (available in arts and crafts stores), some toothpicks and a pizza box top to recreate the scene in my thumbnail sketch. Building the scene also gives you the ability…

Promotional Mailers

May 5, 2011

When doing research on putting together a first promotional mailer, I got mixed messages from different sources. In the past, illustrators wanting to introduce themselves to publishers would send out a sample packet consisting of letter-size sheets of images (basically a paper portfolio), which the art director would put in a file. After that first mailing, illustrators would keep in touch via single image postcards, reminding the art director of his/her existence. Nowadays, it seems mandatory that illustrators have their portfolios online. So I questioned the necessity of sending that first mailing of a paper portfolio to art directors. Art…