Miss Maple’s Seeds: F&G’s

The F&G’s for Miss Maple’s Seeds are in! This is exciting for two reasons:

1) I get to walk around saying “F&G!”, and nobody can scold me.

2) I get to see a beautiful printed proof of my book, all laid out and paginated.

As you’ve likely deduced by now, F&G is not a literary swear word – it stands for “folded and gathered”.

 F&G: “folded and gathered”. A complete printed proof of a book (stack of signatures) that hasn’t been trimmed or bound, and excludes the hard-cover.

F&G’s are the final chance to make sure there aren’t any errors and that the printing and colors are of the quality we’re after. It’s so exhilarating to see in print!

I would never have thought certain things like an ISBN, listed retail price, publisher’s logo, and copyright page could make me go giddy. But there you have it – it’s those details that make the whole thing feel more real!

Interesting side story – I usually get all my Penguin mail from my editor’s assistant, Sara Kreger, whom I discovered (via Facebook, where else?) is also the sister of a college friend, Laura Kreger, from UW-Stout. Crazy small world, eh?

And here’s a little peek at the first spread, just to wet your whistle:

I can’t wait to introduce Miss Maple to the whole wide world on April 4th, 2013!


  1. Eliza, congrats!!! And your F&Gs look FANTASTIC!!!

  2. Huge Congratz! Your F & Gs are Fabulous & Gorgeous!

  3. Oh my gosh Eliza…beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

  4. Eliza, this is looking so fantastic! What a wonderful feeling. I’m very happy for you.

  5. Eliza, your book looks gorgeous! The colors! Congratulations!

  6. Eliza, the illustrations are beautiful. It’s all so exciting, even as a spectator. Congratulations!

  7. Friggin’ F&G’s look amazing! Congrats Eliza! Thanks for the S.P. (sneak peek)

  8. What a perfect birthday present for me! (April 4th is my birthday!) I will definitely buy it :) It’s so exciting to see your work in book form. So satisfying. You just want to stare at it all day. hehe. Congratulations! It looks beautiful!

  9. F&G, what a gorgeous book! Congratulations, Eliza!

  10. So beautiful! I am in awe!! I can’t wait to buy a copy :)

  11. OhmygoodnessEliza!!!!!! It looks gorgeous! Congratulations!

  12. It looks totally gorgeous Eliza! So excited to read it.

  13. This is great. Looking forward to seeing it in the book stores. Congratulations.

  14. I arrive here late to your post. I was googling F&G and your post popped up on the first page, near the very top. Thank you for explaining this to me. I have received these not knowing what they were called and was told one was on the way and had no idea what would arrive. I know understand. Thanks!

    Congratulations on seeing your name in print, with your own ISBN, and publisher, and everything else you can see. I bet that would be extremely exciting. Congrats!

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