When drawing certain things over and over, I’ve found it helpful to make a crude model that I can capture at different angles and light it to show where shadows will fall. I made this little paper model of the shack for my story ‘Home In The Woods’:

For the scene marking the arrival of autumn, I was able to find the right lighting and angle for that composition.

thumbnail sketch 1×2”
Enlarged full scale sketch

I pulled the photo that I took using the iPad right into the thumbnail sketch and refined the perspective in Procreate.

Color study

Also in Procreate, I made a quick rough color study. When it came to picking colors, I only had to look right out my window…the ivy that grew around the studio windows were in full fall color.

Here’s the final piece of art, drawn first with India ink, then painted using watercolors (M.Graham brand), gouache, and acrylic paint on Lanaquerelle 300lb cold press watercolor paper.

Final art