Write to Marvel

I’m inviting kids and readers of ‘HOME IN THE WOODS’ to send a letter or drawing to the real Marvel! Marvel is 94 years old at the time of this writing in 2020. She was a 5th grade school teacher for many years, and she had a big influence on instilling in me a love for picture books as a child. She would love to hear from you if you liked her story!

Send digital copies of letters and drawings to Home In The Woods Book @gmail.com. Your letter or drawing will be printed and sent to her by snail mail. If you would like to mail the letter via snail mail yourself, email a picture of you or your child with the letter to the email above, and I will send you a P.O. Box address to mail it to.

Eliza and grandma Marvel at the book’s celebration in their hometown of Solon Springs, WI