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‘Home In The Woods’ book video—INTRO

December 6, 2019

INTRO to a ‘Behind the Scenes’ making of my book HOME IN THE WOODS. My talented husband, Adam, has been documenting the story and process…excited to share this first part! (2:20 min) Buy HOME IN THE WOODS at your local indie bookstore-or- Barnes and Noble , or

New York Times book review

November 11, 2019

NYT feature of ‘Home In The Woods’!

HOME In The WOODS—AHA Moment #1

November 9, 2019

Writing….a process filled with so many questions needing to be answered, problems to be solved. One of the most frustrating things about the creative process can be the uncertainty, questions, puzzles, doubts, unresolved issues…which result in much banging of the head against a wall. On the flip side of that same coin are the most joyful parts of the creative process; those lightning flashes of insight and inspiration…the AHA moments…

Home in the Woods book teaser

October 3, 2019

A little book teaser for a new video I have coming out sharing stories about the making of Home In The Woods